Making a travel magazine when you can't travel… and the final results of the Elska Great Big Ballot

Andre N, one of our saviour gays from Belfast, a 'Plan-B city'
David F, from Dublin, our second ‘Plan-B city’. Oh, and #FreeBritney
Ale D, from São Paulo, our third ‘Plan-B city’

1) Montréal, Canada

2) Barcelona, Spain

3) Buenos Aires, Argentina

4) Athens, Greece

5) Madrid, Spain

1st place — Montréal, Canada: 36.2%

2nd place — Buenos Aires, Argentina: 34.8%

3rd place — Barcelona, Spain: 29%

Pas un montréalais, but this guy, Daniel C, who we shot for our Toronto issue did once live in Montréal
A Greek but not in Greece… Athens was one planned Elska destination that got cancelled due to COVID-19, but we met Greek boy Mike M in another city, Dublin



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Liam Campbell

Liam Campbell

Editor + Chief Photographer of Elska Magazine, a gay photography + culture mag, sharing local boys and local stories from around the world.