A look back at Elska in 2021

Erik B, from Elska Dublin, giving a little something tropical to usually wet, grey Ireland

The Elska Year in Summary:

Our Elska Lisbon cover boy, Ricardo V, with a bit more clothes on than he had on the cover
Steven P, from Elska Dublin, someone who led to one of the best shoots of the year but one of the worst story contributions (erm, 'cos he didn't submit one!)
Bruno V, from Elska São Paulo — who would believe that anyone would write in to complain about having featured this lovely lad?!
Richard W, from Elska Toronto, who graced our pages with one of the most memorable shoots and stories in Elska history
Devlin J and TeeJ, from Elska Atlanta — can you feel the love?!
Anas A, our Casablanca cover boy and the only person in the city to provide us with a full (outdoor AND indoor) photoshoot
Estafi, from Elska Atlanta, giving me one of my favourite shoots of the year, 'cos I can't resist a pretty kitty!

And now for some stats and awards about Elska in 2021:

The six Elska releases of 2021: (from left) Lisbon, Dublin, São Paulo, Toronto, Atlanta, Casablanca



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