A look back at Elska in 2021

Erik B, from Elska Dublin, giving a little something tropical to usually wet, grey Ireland

The Elska Year in Summary:

1-Elska Lisbon (Portugal)issue (04), released 2nd February, 2021

Our Elska Lisbon cover boy, Ricardo V, with a bit more clothes on than he had on the cover
Steven P, from Elska Dublin, someone who led to one of the best shoots of the year but one of the worst story contributions (erm, 'cos he didn't submit one!)
Bruno V, from Elska São Paulo — who would believe that anyone would write in to complain about having featured this lovely lad?!
Richard W, from Elska Toronto, who graced our pages with one of the most memorable shoots and stories in Elska history
Devlin J and TeeJ, from Elska Atlanta — can you feel the love?!
Anas A, our Casablanca cover boy and the only person in the city to provide us with a full (outdoor AND indoor) photoshoot
Estafi, from Elska Atlanta, giving me one of my favourite shoots of the year, 'cos I can't resist a pretty kitty!

And now for some stats and awards about Elska in 2021:

  • Top selling issue of the year: Elska Dublin
  • Lowest selling issue of the year: Elska Atlanta
  • Top selling Elska Ekstra zine of the year: Elska Ekstra Dublin
  • Lowest selling Elska Ekstra zine of the year: Elska Ekstra Toronto
  • Best stories (based on the amount of letters we received praising them): Elska Toronto
  • Best photography (based on the amount of letters we received praising them): Elska São Paulo
  • Highest proportion of nudity: Elska São Paulo
  • Lowest proportion of nudity: Elska Casablanca
  • Prettiest pet (we always manage to shoot a lot of cats, dogs, and other pets): I don't know if 'pretty' is the right word, but I will never forget the lovely slithering beauty pictured with Christopher L in Elska Dublin
  • Top todger (indeed, we do get plenty of DMs from fans wanting to tell us which dicks they really love): Devlin J's dripping dick from Elska Atlanta
  • Best bum (my choice here, 'cos I still can't get it out of my head): Christopher L's lovely bottom from Elska Dublin
  • Favourite story of the year (my choice): ‘Włączają się światła' ['They turn on the lights'] by Patryk J from Elska Dublin — it's rare to get a story that is scary, so this one remains unforgettable in my mind
  • Favourite photo of the year (my choice): The one of Ricardo V that graces the cover of Elska Lisbon
  • The city I'd most like to return to: Lisbon
  • Best cover of the year (I got so many compliments on these two): Tie: Elska Lisbon and Elska Atlanta
  • Crush of the year (the guy who makes me most regret my professionalism): Mohamad T from Elska Casablanca
The six Elska releases of 2021: (from left) Lisbon, Dublin, São Paulo, Toronto, Atlanta, Casablanca



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Liam Campbell

Liam Campbell

Editor + Chief Photographer of Elska Magazine, a gay photography + culture mag, sharing local boys and local stories from around the world.